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Japanese beetles have only one generation per year, but these beetles emerge over a long period from late June through August and they live for over 30 days. They feed on the foliage and fruit of various fruit crops grown in Michigan, causing damage to the plant and increasing the risk of fungal diseases. Their emergence during mid-summer can also result in their presence during harvest of some fruit crops, creating a risk of contamination. They are also highly mobile insects and can fly into fields from surrounding areas. This article provides information on insecticide options based on tests over the past few years conducted at the Trevor Nichols Research Complex and at grower’s farms.

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Over the past 17 years, Zach Loeffler, ASM has helped to grow the clientele and relationships at Greg’s Lawn & Landscaping, and he never says no to helping the cause. Whether a mistake or miscommunication has been made, the company can count on Loeffler to step in and handle the situation. “This last February we had a nine-day stretch of continuous snow that with very little sleep he continued to push the employees and himself to make sure the jobs get done, our clients stay happy, and there were no slip and falls,” says his college Nick Scharf, CSP. What’s more, the company has been able to expand to new markets thanks to Loeffler’s people skills. Loeffler recently earned his ASM, and since then this veteran, who started as a mower while in high school, has taken that experience and helped other employees grow. “He has great relationships with all our employees, allowing them to always come to him with any issue and they feel so comfortable with the relationship he built with them,” Scharf says. “He knows everything that goes on with all the clients and all the employees when most people have a hard time doing just one.”

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When it comes to snow removal and ice management, especially in Iowa, picking the right company is crucial. Iowa weather, as anyone who lives here will tell you, is very unpredictable. You could go from cleaning up leaves one fall morning in a t-shirt to shoveling snow in a coat the next. As a business or home owner, you understand the difficulty in receiving quality residential or commercial snow removal services. You need to find a company that is reliable and that has a fleet able to handle even the harshest snow and ice storms imaginable. This is where Greg’s Lawn & Landscaping comes into play. Whether it is for residential snow removal or commercial snow removal, Greg’s Lawn & Landscaping can handle it all. Commercial snow removal is vital for both the business and the safety of their employees as well as the community. We currently employ 40% of all Certified Snow Professionals in the state of Iowa and our team is ready to tackle any amount of snow and ice accumulation to keep you, your family, employees, and customers safe. With the experience and equipment that rivals the national players, Greg’s Lawn & Landscaping can handle everything from small residential homes to the largest commercial snow removal properties. We have an impeccable safety record and always focus on the safety of our clients, employees, and their customers. Greg’s Lawn & Landscaping has the best snow removal & ice management equipment on the market and regularly maintains and replaces older equipment. Greg’s Lawn & Landscaping also have mechanics on hand to service your snow removal equipment 24/7 whenever snow is flying. Choose Greg’s Lawn & Landscaping for your residential and commercial snow removal needs and we will be more than happy to make sure that all your needs are met and that the service is above and beyond what is expected.

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What Is Core Aeration? The benefits of Core Aeration are tremendous. It gives your lawn a chance to breathe again, allowing more oxygen, nutrients, and water to be absorbed and spread out across your lawn. This is why Core Aeration and overseeding go hand in hand, the seeds drop into the plug holes and receive exponentially more amounts of nutrients, water, and oxygen, allowing the seeds to germinate faster and more efficiently providing a thicker lawn and better root systems. It also helps loosen up hard or compact lawns from foot or paw traffic.

When to Core Aerate? The best times for Core Aeration in Iowa are in the spring and fall. To most people’s surprise, late summer/early fall is the best time for overseeding as the seeds germinate faster in the warm days and cool nights. It is also possible to seed in the spring, however, this is most often less successful.

Why Core Aerate and overseed? Core Aeration relieves soil compaction and helps prevent thatch build-up. Avoid using Spike machines as these tend to compact the lawn even more, look for the machines that actually bring up “plugs” that are around 3” deep and the size of your finger. If an area of your yard is worse than the rest, run the machine over this area 2-3 times and then overseed.

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Did you know that your lawn is more valuable than you think? Along with keeping up a good appearance, healthy kept lawns are proven to have environmental, health, and social benefits as well.

The Environmental benefits include but are not limited too; Pollution and Erosion Control, Oxygen Production/Carbon Reduction, Heat Dissipation, Water Runoff Reduction, and an Improved Wildlife Habitat. Good quality grass causes soil to erode at a much slower rate while retaining carbon underground and releasing oxygen. A healthy lawn also helps water to drain through the surface, heading deeper into your yard and promoting healthier roots and less runoff. It also becomes an improved home for wildlife, not the pests and rodents, but birds and beneficial insects will flock to your yard and improve the natural landscape that is Iowa.

Health benefits are undeniable in their help towards improving physical health. According to a study conducted by the University of California, patients with an outdoor view of nature typically recovered faster than patients who could only see other parts of the hospital through their window. It can improve your mental health in many ways too. According to several studies, activities in your lawn are soothing and can help with stress and even limit the symptoms of AD/HD. Keeping a healthy yard will also help reduce pests and allergies. A healthy yard will drive out unwanted insects by offering a less favorable environment to pests which simultaneously reduces the amount of pollen in the air.

The social benefits of a healthy lawn include a comfortable and visually appealing living space. This will make your yard the place to be for fun outdoor activities, from yard games to just sitting by a fire. It can also increase property value by adding curb appeal. A healthy lawn and landscape can increase a property’s value by up to 15%. Houses with nice curb appeal usually sell faster on the market and at a higher rate, some people won’t even consider a house if the curb appeal isn’t attractive enough.

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Plant the right greenery. Your landscaping choice should enhance the house and not hide it. Use landscaping to call out features like a home’s symmetry or to hide trouble spots. Be sure to keep all plants manicured and trimmed.

Restore the front door. A new front door looks impressive, plus it can almost pay for itself in added resale value.

Update siding and windows. Though this is expensive, updating the siding and windows is one of the best ways to add value to your home. Keep the windows clean and if you’re selling your home, removes the screens for extra shine.

Freshen the front porch. A front porch is a key selling point. Keep the porch floor and railings in good condition and add comfortable furniture to make the porch inviting.

Capitalize on character. Maintain or bring your home’s exterior back to its original aesthetic to highlight its features. For example, when freshen up an old fence with new paint or replace the fence with a newer more appealing type.

Install outdoor lighting. An effective security feature, exterior lights can also give your home a dramatic and attractive look at night.
Fix what’s broken. Repair cracks in sidewalks, the driveway, and masonry. Patching is an affordable alternative to a complete resurfacing job.

Add a focus point. Think about adding a water or fire feature to attract the eyes and other senses to your yard while increasing the curb appeal and value of your home.

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