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Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems

Do you want to benefit your time, money, home value, and improve your environmental impact? Read on to find out why a simple irrigation system is a great investment.

Irrigation system Need:

After a long day of work, are you dragging out the watering hose? Setting up the sprinkler? Then going back out time after time getting wet to move the sprinkler around just to get all your yard watered?

Are you tired of that same old watering routine? Many people are but the solution to that time draining activity is an irrigation system! With an irrigation system you don’t waste any more valuable time, just sit back and come home to a greg’s lawn. The system does it all for you.
Like to save money? Believe it or not an irrigation system will save you money. No more excess watering. No more watering the sidewalk, driveway, street, or even your neighbor’s yard.

An irrigation system is designed to take away that pain of a high water bill. Your yard will be watered the right amount no less and no more than needed.

Not only does it keep your yard looking great, but the upkeep is minimal. Your annual upkeep of an irrigation system is about 2-3 maintenance visits, spring start up and RPZ testing, winterization, and 1-2 check ins and adjustments to your system a year. Your irrigation system insures consistency, accuracy, and efficiency.
Now you might be asking yourself “how does an irrigation system improve my homes value?” It is the same idea as redoing your kitchen or any home improvement to make it nicer, add value and appeal.

When your home has curbside appeal, you automatically have more interest. First impressions are important to any homeowner and your first impressions starts with the outside. Buyers will want to look inside if the outside is cared for, and the convenience adds value to any buyer.
Maybe time, money, or even home value isn’t your thing but the impact you have on the environment is. An irrigation system is great at water conservation and prevention of diseases.

By utilizing irrigation, you are saving water with the systems smart technology. This smart technology waters the correct amounts, correct areas, and the correct time of day all contributing to water conservation and the prevention of diseases.

A trusted irrigation specialist talked about the benefits of an irrigation system and the best time to water.

Benefits to early morning watering before Sunrise:

“Helps reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation and the amount of water needed to irrigate your grass. If irrigation occurs before the dew has dried, the humid microclimate will not persist as long decreasing disease pressure.” – Austin A. D&K
You can keep your lawn disease free and happy with an irrigation system.

It even makes your life easier leaving more time to enjoy the fruits of your smart irrigation system. Overall, an irrigation system is a great investment to your home.