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Professional Commercial Lawn Care in Cedar Rapids


Lawns play an essential role in the presentation of businesses. A well-kept lawn says a lot about a company’s attention to detail and commitment to its responsibilities. We at Greg’s Lawn & Landscaping understand these parallels and we can help you use them to your advantage. Our over 40 years of experience has given us the best insights into modern lawns. Our commercial property lawn care in Cedar Rapids promises complete maintenance of your landscape. You can also promote environmental awareness through our green practices.

Overwhelming Considerations

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Before these tasks take up too much of your time and resources, call us. We take pride in how we’ve helped many organizations, like yours, to maintain their landscape while they focus on more important aspects of business operations.


Commercial Landscaping has a lot to offer businesses like yours. It can grow your bottom line, reduce your costs, and even improve your reputation. We will help you get these benefits.

Get more business

Improving how your space is presented to your clients will make it easier for them to decide on purchasing your product or employing your services. People have a tendency to be attracted to order and beauty.

Build your reputation

Hiring professional services that offer green practices, like us, will send a message that you support eco-friendliness.

Raise your value

If you plan on eventually expanding and moving to another, bigger place, a professionally kept lawn is sure to add value to your property’s selling price.

Save your resources

Even if you do have the enthusiasm to manage your own lawn, the money and time you will save by outsourcing this task outweighs the trouble of doing so. Professional services are generally more efficient in spending the budget for your lawn. You can also use the time saved on your business.


Having a business means there are probably a lot of things occupying your mind at any given time. Our services will take lawn care out of your busy hands, and leave you with one less thing to worry about. Let us help you. Call us for a free quote at (319) 393-0101.