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Effective Snow and Ice Management

Greg’s Lawn & Landscaping has two CSP’s [Certified Snow Professional] out of a total of five in ALL of Iowa and we are ranked in the top 5 percent of the United States as one of the elite professional snow removal and ice management companies and the only member of ASCA in all of Iowa. As an ambassador of public safety we pride ourselves on our impeccable record of maintaining the safety and accessibility of serviced sites in the harshest winter conditions due to our experienced staff and vast resources.

We proudly feature the latest innovations in snow removal equipment (Blizzard Power Plows, Backhoes, Endloaders, Dump Trucks, ATV’s and Bobcats) and ice management technology (Power Salt) to ensure that your property is safe for you, your employees and your customers.

Servicing residential, commercial, industrial, retail, multi-family, campus and municipal sites we urge you to trust the professionals at Greg’s Lawn & Landscaping for your snow removal and ice management in Cedar Rapids, IA.