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At home DIY tips to spice up your home exterior

At home DIY tips to spice up your home exterior

Want some tips to spice up your home exterior? Plant the right greenery. Your landscaping choice should enhance the house and not hide it. Use landscaping to call out features like a home’s symmetry or to hide trouble spots. Be sure to keep all plants manicured and trimmed.

Restore the front door. A new front door looks impressive, plus it can almost pay for itself in added resale value.

Update siding and windows. Though this is expensive, updating the siding and windows is one of the best ways to add value to your home. Keep the windows clean and if you’re selling your home, removes the screens for extra shine.

Freshen the front porch. A front porch is a key selling point. Keep the porch floor and railings in good condition and add comfortable furniture to make the porch inviting.

Capitalize on character. Maintain or bring your home’s exterior back to its original aesthetic to highlight its features. For example, when freshen up an old fence with new paint or replace the fence with a newer more appealing type.

Install outdoor lighting. An effective security feature, exterior lights can also give your home a dramatic and attractive look at night.
Fix what’s broken. Repair cracks in sidewalks, the driveway, and masonry. Patching is an affordable alternative to a complete resurfacing job.

Add a focus point. Think about adding a water or fire feature to attract the eyes and other senses to your yard while increasing the curb appeal and value of your home.

Gregslawn tips to spice up your home’s exterior