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A malfunctioning or inefficient water management system spikes up your bills and leaves parts of your lawn dehydrated. Greg’s Lawn and Landscaping provides water management services that help you avoid these problems. We install and maintain water systems tailored to your needs and preferences.


  • Lawn Sprinkler Repair – A leaky sprinkler can drown your lawn, causing the grass to die due to lack of oxygen. On the other hand, a sprinkler that doesn’t provide enough water can cause your grass to die, too, due to dehydration. We have a fully-stocked inventory of replacement parts to restore your watering system to its full potential.

  • Landscape Drainage – Inappropriate landscape drainage creates standing water in your lawn. This may lead to your grass dying due to a fungal infestation. Our staff works closely with you to find problem areas in your soil to patch up and install a proper drainage system, so your lawn stays properly hydrated.

  • Water Conservation – At Greg’s Lawn and Landscaping, we use green and sustainable practices for every job. We make sure that your sprinkler system only puts out the exact amount of water your lawn needs at the time. It not only prevents overwatering, but it also keeps your bills down.

  • Water Features and Fountains – If you want to add some flare to your yard, water features and fountains are a great way to start. We offer a vast catalog of designs, from calming ponds to mesmerizing waterfalls and streams. Our team makes sure we build structures that fit your current landscape design perfectly.

  • Misting Systems – Iowa summers can get brutally hot, with daytime averages of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to enjoy your patio without sweating buckets, invest in a misting system. Our misting solution pressurizes and sprays billions of small water droplets into the air, creating a cooler atmosphere. This method is similar to what plants do to cool down the area they’re in. Once we install your system, we’ll walk you through its many features so you’ll have complete control over your patio’s temperature.


We’ve served countless clients in different cities and counties in Iowa. Learn why we’re the top choice in landscaping and lawn care.


Years of Experience

We’ve been providing our water management solutions for more than 40 years. We know the best landscaping practices by heart and continue to keep up with the latest innovations. Expect nothing but professional work from our team.

Complete Landscaping Services

You don’t have to worry about switching to another provider to get the landscape services you need. Apart from water management system services, we also offer landscape design, landscape maintenance, lawn care, and snow and ice management.

Certified Professionals

We’re affiliated with National Association of Landscape Professionals and Snow and Ice Management Association. Plus, our team includes certified snow professionals, certified irrigation technicians, and more.

Greg’s Lawn and Landscaping delivers landscape and lawn care services that improve appeal and value for your home or business.
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