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Mike A.

Satisfied Customer

I called Greg's Monday morning after finding grubs in the yard over the weekend. That afternoon they had a technician, Riley, applying grub insecticide in my backyard. My dogs were in the backyard kennel when Riley was there. To my great embarrassment, I learned the dogs broke open the gate and Riley had to make a run for it, and was able to get outside the yard fence, after abandoning his hand-spreader. When I spoke with Riley on the phone, he said he was a dog lover, and said the dogs were doing exactly what they are supposed to do and defend their property against strangers. Riley will be back at my house this Tuesday morning to finish the job. I can easily imagine most people going on the attack against me (I had no idea a technician would be in my yard that afternoon), but he was very friendly and supportive. Instead of being confrontational, I was very relieved and grateful for his attitude. My dogs are inside today, and I took a wrench to the kennel door last night to prevent this from happening again. I wanted to pass along my thanks to Riley, and let his management team know how he helped build good customer relationships through his positive attitude. Please pass along my gratitude to Riley when you get a chance.

Judith M. G.

Chairwoman of Guido & Associates

I’ve been analyzing and tracking both landscapers and snow pros for over 25 years and Greg’s Lawn and Landscaping is one of the best in the Country! He’s also one of a handful of professionals to have earned his CSP [Certified Snow Professional] credential. He is one of the most customer-centric companies in the entire industry.

Pat C.

President of Stone Creek First Owner's Association, INC

Hi Zach: I wanted to "THANK YOU" and your "Landscape Crew, Fertilizing Crew & Lawn Mowing Crew" on behalf of STONE CREEK FIRST OWNERS ASSOCIATION. I want to "Compliment" your Fertilizer Crew as our Association did NOT have any dandelions this year. Your fellows did a "Great Job" of covering our lawn as I have not received one complaint regarding weeds or dandelions, so "THANK YOU" for this Great Service. Austin & his Lawn Mowing Crew do a great job week after week & again our Association appreciates it. The "Planters" the fellows just finished look awesome and they did a great job of cleaning up after they finished. Thanks to Greg's Lawn fellows one and all, yourself included for keeping our area looking GREAT.

Kimberlie L.

Satisfied Customer

I have been working with Greg and Nick for a few months and I am very impressed with the quality, skills and especially the customer service they provided me. The crew came together very quickly to clean up the Pool Park at Pool Tech before one of their VIP Night's. It was done very professionally and on a timely matter. I will continue to refer them out to others who are in need of lawn care and landscaping. The plants they added in are absolutely beautiful.

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